The New Normal Retirement

It’s believed that retirement planning as we currently know it didn’t really exist until a few decades ago. Up to that point, people worked until 65 and then sailed into retirement on a pension plan.

Sending Your Kids to College: What Should You Really Expect?

It’s no secret that the cost of pursuing higher education is becoming unaffordable, even for affluent families. But if you have aspirations of sending your child to college, it is possible, but there are some details to consider.

Don’t Like Where You are Financially? Change Your Behavior

When people decide that they need to eat healthier or lose weight, they know that they have to change their behavior. That’s easier said than done for most, which is why programs like Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers are so popular; because they provide a system for automatically controlling portions and nutrition.

How do I Start Planning for Retirement?

If you’ve just begun your career and started collecting a decent paycheck, retirement probably feels like it’s lightyears away. But it will get here quicker than you expect, and when it does, you’ll want to be prepared.

Charitable Giving: Doing Your Due Diligence

Donating to charities is a win-win when filing taxes. You get to help a cause you care about and can claim dedications on cash contributions. But what happens when the charity you’ve given to is fraudulent? You’ve now donated to a false entity, haven’t helped the cause, and cannot write it off on your taxes.

Financial Management for Couples: When a Spender and a Saver Fall in Love

Money can be a point of contention for many couples. Between big expenses like taking vacations, buying a house, getting married or having children, relationships can be filled with tricky financial situations. Even trickier is if you and your partner have different views on financial matters—one of you is a spender and one is a saver.

Explaining the Benefits of a 401(k) to Young Adults Entering the Workforce

If you have a child graduating from high school or college and entering the workforce, they may have the opportunity to open up a 401(k) through their new employer. In some cases, that employer will also offer matching contribution funds up to a certain percentage.

Does Your Portfolio Embrace Market Volatility?

Many investors, especially those still reeling from the 2008 – 2011 stock market roller coaster ride, have developed a low tolerance for volatility. As a result they have moved a significant portion of their investments into bonds or other fixed yield vehicles.

Paying off Student Loans

In 2018, student loan debt in the U.S. reached $1.5 trillion. With a continued increase in college tuition, it's likely that even more young adults will be turning to loans in order to finance their education. 

Why Financial Professionals Are Still Important

With the current popularity of robo-advisors, some wonder what the difference is between an algorithm and a financial professional.

Robo-advisors have been able to do something that traditional financial professionals have not: allow those with limited resources to begin creating a portfolio of investments.

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